Thursday, September 6, 2012

It finally arrived.

Well, it finally has arrived!

 Thar she is!

 Passenger side.

 Chrome wheels!

 Head on.

 Drivers side.

 Battery box.  A standard single heavy duty battery.

 Front driver side storage.

 Driver side fuel tank.  A 45 gallon tank on each side.

 Rear driver side storage.

 Driver side.


 Trailer hitch.

 Custom trailer hitch.

 Driver side storage to the depth of the frame.

 Passenger side rear storage pass the depth of the frame to center of bus.

 Inside rear passenger side storage looks like it might have been for a spare tire.

 Passenger side rear storage has a slide out rack.

 Front passenger side storage.

 More chrome wheels!  Wow!

 Passenger side.

  In the garage.
 Getting 'er ready.

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