Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back On Track

The weather's fine and it's time to get back on track.  Actually, I've been working on the bus, just haven't had time to post.  I am making an effort to try to post more regularly as things progress.

All the windows are out and covered.
The inside ceiling is removed and used to skin skin over the removed window openings.  The holes in the sheet metal are where speakers and lights were.

Painting started.
Still deciding on final color scheme but this is a start.

All 'er makeup is gone.
Front end chrome and trim removed for painting.

All 'er body parts on the floor.
This is when you know the Honeymoon is over.  When you wake up one day and your beloved's body parts are on the bedside table.

Front panels and bumper removed for painting.
Allows easy access to radiator and other necessary parts.

And away we go!
This was actually easier than trying to tape everything.

Starting to take shape.
Starting to look like an RV! (a toothless one)

And a little about the inside.

Interior completly gutted.
Interior walls and ceiling removed.
Original floor taken up and subfloor rust proofed.

View looking rear-ward.
View towards the rear.
Walk-in Jacuzzi tub/shower in position.

View looking forward.
View towards the front.
Walk-in Jacuzzi tub/shower in position.

Well, so much for now.
Check back soon for more updates.

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