Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grin, Snicker, Laugh!

I've heard it said,

 "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans".

While I didn't personally tell God my plans, I did tell everyone that would listen.  I posted it on this blog.  It was no secret that I was planning to retire and be outta here!

Thinking back now I can vaguely remember looking up at a virtually cloudless sky and noticing one small cloud formation far off in the distance.  Now I'm not one that sees animal shapes and things like the in cloud formations and water ripples in the pond.  But I possibly might have noticed that small cloud formation may, just maybe, had taken on the shape of a sly grin!  Nah!  Probably not!

Then a day or so later while still preparing the bus for this grand journey on a nice breeze-less day, still in Jasper, GA, a soft easy breeze blew by.  Now some say they can hear voices being carried in the winds.  I don't!  But I have to admit that the rustle of the leaves in the near by trees could have easily been mistaken for a light easy snicker.  Nah!  Probably not!

Even though I had moved out of the garage where I was building the bus I had only gone about 15 miles to a campground just outside of Jasper, Ga in a little town called Talking Rock.  I felt I still need about a good week to organize the bus and arrange things the way I'd like to have them without having to split my time and thoughts between setting up the bus and working a job.  So I booked a spot here for a week.

The first day and night I really did nothing.  I watched a couple movies.  Took walks.  Rested (much needed) a lot.  But that second night...   BOOM!  The sky fell.  It didn't really bother me as I was in the comfort of the bus.  But if I ever heard out right laughter, I heard it that night.  

Will I continue to make plans?  Of course I will.  But they won't be etched in stone.  Besides, I'm retired.  Where do I have to be other than wherever I am at the time?  First lesson learned...

Take life easy and enjoy it as it comes.

Speaking of enjoying life, this is a nice little campground nestled just outside of Jasper, GA.  It's Talona Creek Campground in Talking Rock, GA.

My spot.

My spot.

My spot.

My spot.

My spot.
The campground.
The campground.
Tent area.

Creek side.

Creek Side.

There are creek side swings.

Tent area fire rings.

Pirate ship fort the kids.

Pirate ship fort the kids.

Pirate ship fort the kids.

This is also a horse facility.

Wooden cowboys.

Office and bath house.

Sasquatch will welcome you to camp.
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Happy traveling!

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