Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cueva de la Olla (Cave of the Pot)

I took a two day tour into the Chihuahua State of Mexico.  It was a safe escorted trip sponsored by the Pink Store in Palomas Mexico.  This is the results of day one.

Cueva de la Olla (cave of the pot) is an archaeological site located in the northwest of the Chihuahua State, some 47 km southwest of Nuevo Casas Grandes near the Ignacio Zaragoza Ejido.

The Site is located within the natural shelter of the cave. This site received its name because it has a rounded shape structure, shaped like a pot (or olla, in Spanish). It is a Cuexcomate, or large barn type facility, with a shape that resembles a large vase. 

360° view of the cave.

Pictures of the day are below.

The climb to the cave.

Woodpecker at work.

Woodpecker's work is done.

Camel rock.

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