Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Poor Man's Vehicle Wrap

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I have been working on my school bus conversion for several years. I wanted to do as much of the conversion myself as I could. One of the things I wanted was a nice graphic design. I priced several companies and the prices were impressively beyond my range. A few even cost more than what I paid for the bus.

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  1. Awesome job on this Leonard! I love the way you're sharing what you do with the world, via Instructables. We'll have to talk about that sometime, I'm interested in possibly contributing.

  2. Thanks for this share. I have a vintage caravan and now I am thinking to give it a makeover with customized vehicle wraps. Have been searching for decent ideas that look good and are eye pleasing. I wonder if you can help by sharing some designs.

    1. Hey Mickel, Thanks for the comment and thanks for viewing my post. I'm not sure how I could help you but if you have any specific questions or comments let me know. I'm still experimenting with different inks and printable vinyls so I have not yet made a final decision on my own customization.