Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The Bathroom

The bathroom is a split design with a walk-in sit-down Jacuzzi style tub on the driver's side of the bus and a Dry-Flush toilet and vanity on the passenger side with a center aisle. The entire bathroom can be closed off with pocket doors on each end that has storage in them.

Jacuzzi, looking towards the front.

Jacuzzi, looking towards the rear.

The vanity with a lighted mirror.

Dry-Flush toilet.
The Dry-Flush toilet is a waterless, odorless, chemical free dry flushing toilet.  No need for a black tank.  No need for composting.

Pocket doors.
There are two pocket doors that separate the toilet and vanity from the aisle and jacuzzi.

Storage in the right side pocket door.
Storage in pocket doors. I don't have a medicine cabinet.

Reading room storage in pocket door.

And because it's a "MAN BUS (cave)"...
Porta-P urinal
In the left pocket door is a Porta-P urinal plumbed into the grey tank.

Pocket door between bathroom and livingroom.
Pocket door between bathroom and bedroom.
Toilet and bidet!

Jacuzzi window.
There is a window at the jacuzzi with a fold up window cover.  When in Kansas, after a hard days work at Amazon, camped on a lake I sat in the jacuzzi with my glass on the fold down window cover/shelf and watched the ducks take off and land on the lake.  I can see out but you can't see in.  (Doesn't get much better than that!)

Bathroom flooring.
I finally got around to laying some Pergo flooring I've been carrying around for almost a year in the bathroom and bedroom.

Stay safe and...

Happy travels,