Saturday, March 22, 2014


 EASY... Like a Sunday Morning!

A great song writer, named Lionel Richie, wrote and sang a song called "EASY".  That was the inspiration behind the name I've finally decided on for my bus.  The first line of the song is, " That's why I'm easy, like a Sunday morning".

Part of the plan for the bus is to have a workshop in the rear of the bus.  One of the things I will do in the workshop is make signs.  I got started with this idea by wanting to do the graphics on the bus myself.  I purchased a sign making machine and a new hobby was launched. I will be promoting my hobby on my website and my blog  They are both under construction and probably will be until I get completely set up in the bus but I am able to make signs and graphics by request for anyone that may want something in the mean time.

This is the graphic cut out and laid out ready for application.

Prepping the surface for application.

Graphic awaiting to take it's rightful place on display!

Layout mask still in place allowing graphic to set.

The finished product

Some Other Signs I've Done

RV Campground sign
RV Camping sign

Beware of (friendly) dog sign

Keep off grass sign

Watch YOUR dog sign

Another watch YOUR dog sign

Another (friendly) dog sign

License Plates I've Done

 Window Decals I've Done

In memory of decal

In memory of decal

In memory of decal

This is just a small sample of some of the graphics I'll be doing. Not to forget I'll be doing vehicle graphics for cars, trucks, RV's and boats.  And just about anything else you may want to jazz up.

You may contact me here if you have any questions, comments or special request.

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