Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cut And Shoot, Texas

I often wonder where certain things got their name.  After visiting Cut And Shoot, Texas I decided to look up the origin of that name.  A very interesting story...

Cut And Shoot, Texas City Hall


Prior to 1912 the Missionary Baptist, Hard-shell Baptist, and Methodist citizens of the community went together and built a combination church and school house. They erected the structure with the understanding that all dominations were privileged to preach there except the Mormons and Apostolics. This building was called the Community House, because it was the place where all the people in the community met for their church and social activities.

The government recognizes this as a official town.

In July 1912, it happened that a Preacher Stamps of the Apostolic belief appeared in the community, and some of the local brethren invited him to hold a meeting at the Community House. Preacher Stamps seemed not to have been a very reputable person, since it was claimed by some of the citizens that he occasionally visited saloons and went dancing. When the people heard of Preacher Stamps' intention the community immediately paired off into two sides, those who thought the Community House should be used for all denominations, and those who thought it should be closed to the Apostolics. Each side declared their intentions; one claimed that it was going to have the meeting and the other claimed that the meeting would not be held.

Small town living.

On July 20,1912, the day before the meeting was to take place a son of one of the opposing families was sent to the home of one of the school trustees, to get the keys, so the doors could be locked. When the Apostolic element heard of this move they quickly informed the side favorable to the meeting that they would break down the doors if necessary, to gain entrance to the building. A member of the opposing group saddled his horse and rode through the community and notified the people to bring their guns to the Community House the next day. The side favorable to the meeting heard of this gesture and one of their members saddled up and rode through the community to tell the people who were sympathetic toward his side to do the same.

Cut And Shoot Fire Department.

It's a nice small town.  A nice place to visit.


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