Friday, August 7, 2015

One More Time, Another Awe Sh#%! moment

 While installing my MAXX AIR 7000 roof fan I just happen to notice another awe Sh#%! moment!  Actually it's a good thing that I was installing the fan as I did not know that I had caused other problems during other conversion projects.

The fan receiver installed in place.

Imagine my surprise while crawling around on the roof when I looked just forward of where I was installing the fan and saw power nails protruding through the roof.

And to my suprise!

Awe Sh#%!

I was really working it.

Awe Sh#%!,   Sh#%!

I was previously installing ceiling paneling and the framing around the shroud for the fan and A/C.  I was using an air nailer and forgot to check the length of the nails before I started shooting.  Oh, well, another AWE SHUCKS moment!

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Stick around, I'm sure there'll be more.


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