Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Roving Craft Shop: On the Road Again

Roving Craft Shop: On the Road Again: Well folks, I'm finally On The Road Again . EASY ( Like A Sunday Morning! ) Is on the move again.  And this time the craft shop ...


  1. How are you liking your heated floor? Did the design work out as you had hoped? I'm starting my framing now and I'm considering doing the same. I do worry about losing 1.75 to 2 inches of ceiling height though.

    1. I'm still tweaking the heating system. It works but I have to change what I used as a circulator pump. I used a standard 12v RV water pump. It wasn't made to withstand the heat. I knew that when I did it but didn't want to pay for the proper pump if it wasn't going to work. Turns out that the bus already has a 12v circulator pump for the rear bus heaters that I removed. I will relocate that to my in floor heating system as time permits.

      I will be posting pictures soon of the entire build including some "DON"T DOs". Thanks for watching and stay tuned.