Thursday, March 17, 2016

Me and Mrs Jones

There was a popular song made famous by Billy Paul named "Me & Mrs. Jones".  Well, meet Mrs Jones...

Me & Mrs Jones
Me & Mrs Jones
I'm spending time volunteering at a llama rescue in Kerrville, TX.  I had no idea that 1. There were llamas that were needing rescuing, and 2. that there were so many needing rescuing.

Anyway, here on the farm is Mrs Jones and seven others who arrived here for one reason or another.  I was schooled (cause I knew nothing about llamas) that one should not try to approach or touch them around their head or face.  They do, however, don't mind your scratching their backs.  Anyway, Mrs Jones for some reason or another will kiss you if she has no fear of you.  I am told that a llama kiss is an exchanging of breaths.  She will blow in your face and then smell your breath.  No wet sloppy licks like with other animals.

As the song goes, we meet in the same place every day (we've got a thing going on).

Meet chloe
Meet chloe

This poor gal has a spinal condition that
will not allow her to hold her head up.

Some of the llamas show similar signs of aging as humans.  There are two here with an aging spinal condition that will not allow them to hold their heads up high and proud like  normal llamas.

If you'd like to know more about these animals you can look at:
Southeast Llama Rescue (SELR)

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. (SWLR)

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  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing. You are doing good things to make the world a better place.

  2. I remember that song well as I had a friend (male) who always referred to me as Mrs. Jones. Such a great thing for you to learn about. Yes, many llamas need rescue too.