Thursday, November 24, 2016

Below are pictures of the Tiny House Festival in Elkton, FL at the St. John's County Fairgrounds.  20,000 were expected to attend. It was stated that over 50,000 attended.  And I believe all 50,000 trekked through my bus.  I'm still sweeping and mopping the aftermath.

Tiny house festival goes big in St. Johns County

Bus conversions

Building a tiny house on the fairgrounds.

Setting up a yurt.

Friday evening pre-festival dinner.

Festival organizer, John.

Notice the drive-in theater speaker stand next to the station wagon.

The Drive-in-theater speaker even played music.
Inside a vintage trailer.

One of the bus conversions.

Tiny house owners in period dress.

ATM (not a tiny house).

VW Micro-bus trailer.

Lining up to see inside the buses like waiting for a roller coaster ride.

Walk-in sit down Jacuzzi tub in a schoolie conversion.

Inside a school bus.

Workshop in a school bus.

Office in a school bus.

Pocket doors with storage in the doors in a school bus.

In a school bus.

Schoolie with a roof deck.  Joy, the owner, and Captain Amazing on the roof.

Tiny house festival goes big in St. Johns County

And as always stay safe and...

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  1. Leonard,
    I have followed you here from Instructables. I am very much enjoying your bus conversion and especially this blog post. I absolutely love the different buses and tiny homes! They look to be so much fun. Your bus is looking quite nice and hope you keep having safe and fun travels.
    Lots of love from South Texas,

    Mama Witty