Monday, June 26, 2017

About the Bus

I have been working on my second bus conversion since 2012.  I have been living and traveling in it since 2014.  People always compliment on the outside and seem to wonder what's on the inside. In today's world it's understandable why people don't ask to see the inside.  Even though I'm still tweaking it, I'd welcome anyone who wanted to see the inside.

The bus in 2012 when I got it

The bus in 2014 when I moved into it.

But for those who don't happen to be where I am when I am, to see more of the work that actually went into building it,  I'm working on a website to detail the process. The website is See Inside The The website is still under construction but some of the details are viewable now.  To get a preview of what will be there you can see some at

I hope you enjoy the mini tour.

And as always stay safe and...

Happy travels,



  1. Hey!
    I'm learning about conversions and deciding if it is for me.
    It was good seeing someone who looks like me after several days of research. Smile!
    I found your site while searching for door locking ideas... I like what I saw you do better than any others. I'm still not sure if your solution is applicable to the front door though... Still looking!

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