Monday, October 6, 2014

Defeated Creek Campground

Defeated Creek Campground

Beautiful campground.  Run by the Corp oEngineers.  It's located at 140 Marina Lane Carthage,  TN  37030.

Names given to places generally have some kind of meaning.  So the name, "Defeated Creek" made me wonder how a creek could become defeated.  Had it been overrun by rabid frogs?  Had a mob of beavers dammed it upstream and dared humans to remove their handy work?  Well, here's the story of how Defeated Creek got its name.

I stayed two days here.  I stayed in two different sites.  Because I had intended to only stay one day when I went to pay for an additional day, someone else had already reserved the site I was in.  No problem.

Campsite visitor.

Cabins for rent.

Houseboat in dry dock.

Need a life jacket?

EASY, like a Sunday morning!

Clean bathrooms.

Clean bathrooms.

Clean bathrooms.

Clean bathrooms.

Early morning campfire and coffee.
Life can be as good as you make it.  Enjoy everyday you're alive, otherwise what's the point?

Where to next?  Won't know until I get there.  Be sure to check back to see where I've landed.

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