Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How To Put Square Cabinets In A Round Bus

In this ongoing saga of my school bus conversion, my first choice for kitchen and over head cabinets was to make them. Older school buses have rounded roofs and stock cabinets are square. I figured I'd solve this problem right off by making the cabinets to fit.

The roof in older school buses was round, I'm told, for better roll over protection in the event of an accident. While I'm glad to have this added protection in my conversion, I still needed overhead cabinets.
While perusing a Habitat for Humanity Restore in Gainesville, GA looking for an office chair, I stumbled upon a boat load of cabinets. They were offering enough cabinets to do my entire kitchen for the price of one quality cabinet at any of the big box home improvement stores. Well, that set the wheels of thought into motion.
Below is what I've ended up with.

For more detailed information on how I did this goto

Well, I've sat still for about a week and a half.  Getting itchy feet and in an effort to prevent tire dry rot, I'll be on the move again today.  Where will I end up?  Won't know until I get there.  Be sure to check back to see where I've landed.

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