Thursday, October 2, 2014

Flash Back

In 2009 I worked at the Low-Hi RV Ranch in Deming, NM as maintenance personnel.  They make donations to an orphanage in Palomas, Mexico who gets no government support.  Each year they take small gifts down to the children at Christmas.  That particular year they had no Santa Claus so guess who was elected!

See the two little guys at the front of the group?
The smallest guy looked at me.
Looked at his buddy.
Looked at me again.
Then turned to his buddy in the orange and said, "Santa Negro?"

Yup, that's me in the Santa suit!
Santa rolls in a PT Cruiser!

I even had an Elf with me.

Very small orphanage.

We gave them small gifts like sneakers (not Air Jordans), pencils, notebooks
clothes and the likes.  They were so appreciative to receive little things.

In the background is Barbra, the then president of Loners On Wheels.

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