Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Awe Sh#%! moment

Here's another Awe Sh#%! moment

If you read my post on May 5, you may remember my tale of troubles on the road.  What I didn't say back then was that while trouble shooting my fuel problems I was on a roll. Thought I'd solved the problem.  All I had to do was disconnect the fuel changeover solenoid and feed directly from the tank.  The sun was shining, Life was good.  Tools in hand.  What could be better?

Awe Sh#%!

In my haste in disconnecting the fuel lines, one of the fuel lines didn't agree with my plan. Not to be out done, I man handled it.  It, not to be out done, laughed at me and said (it did, I actually heard it), "Oh, yeah!"  And just broke off in my hand.

You'll notice the two fuel solenoids above.  One has three ports and one has only two ports and a big hole in the side.  Can you guess which one I broke?  Since then I have learned to be more gentle with Easy and show her more respect.

Just another of several Awe Sh#%! moments that I was able to live down enough to smile as I related it.  Know that there are more to come.  Feel free to share your (speak-able)  Awe Sh#%! moments in the comments below.


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