Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gas tank access hole!

This is just one of several (sounds better than many) Awe Sh#%! moments.  While putting in the tubing for the heated floor system I was careful to note the two gas tank access holes that needed not to be completely covered over.
Fuel tank access holes.
Well, cruising right along like it was a nice sunny day I had my Awe Sh#%! moment.  As you can see below I completely covered over one of the gas tank access holes like I knew I'd never need to access that particular tank.
Fuel tank access hole missing?
Now I'm on a recovery mission.  Got to go back and find the hole with out damaging the heat tubing I so carefully set in the floor.  The red and white tubes are the hot and cold supply lines for the bathroom vanity.
Fuel tank access hole recovery mission.
I had to unscrew part of the flooring and raise it up enough to cut the hole without cutting the tubing.  I propped the flooring up on a glue can and commenced to cutting. (see red arrow)
A success!
This Awe Sh#%! moment was successfully converted into an OH YEAH!  moment!  But you can believe this was not the first and surely won't be the last Awe Sh#%! moment.  I'll list more for you as the shame eventually wears off.


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