Sunday, September 14, 2014

Plans, Plans, Plans

One of the good things about retirement is that you don't have to make plans like when you're a part of the main work force.  However when you first enter into retirement I imagine you have to break old habits.  You know, like getting up at a certain time everyday.  Scheduling out your days, weeks and months to the point of when and where you may take a vacation NEXT year.

This is what I might start off doing when I leave here:

This is the first place I want to stop:

So I won't even get out of Georgia the first night.

This is the second stop:

I'll be meeting a fellow traveler, Ed in Keyser, WV

Then I'll be heading towards Philly Town.  Yah!

Then on to Drayton, North Dakota for the Sugar Beet Harvest.

Then on to Coffeyville, Kansas for Amazon.

I guess  I haven't learned to break old habits.  You may say, "That's not that bad.  That's only three months".  Well while that's true, there's more...  

January 6 - 20, 2015 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Quartzsite, AZ

January 17 - 25, 2015 32nd Annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show also in Quartzsite, AZ

February  8 – 22, 2015 Habitat for Humanity building project in Hobbs, NM

May 2015  Escapees CARE Center Livingston, TX.

June 27 – July 5, 2015  Habitat for Humanity Global Village volunteer program in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

And then, who knows what else.  

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